The economic mathematization: a bibliometric analysis

  • Rodrigo Laera National Scientific and Technical Research Council
Palabras clave: modelos matemáticos; metodología; teoría económica; análisis bibliométrico, Mathematical Models; Methodology; Economics Theory; Bibliometric Analysis


The aim of this paper is to present data to verify the process of mathematization in economic theory. For this we used two representative samples from three of the most influential academic journals in the years 1955-56-57 and the years 2015-16-17. Thus, a contingency table was drawn up, showing that the occurrence of mathematical models is not specific to a particular theme, but rather covers all the economical themes of the categories presented, without distinction. Finally, it is argued that there is a rise of mathematical techniques that negatively correlates with conceptual works, causing a theoretic congestion that converges with a problem of legitimacy in the choice of the model for practical purposes.